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Best Dormeo Mattress Topper Reviews & Buying Guide

Dormeo Mattress Topper Queen

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t optional – it’s a necessity. So, if your old mattress is making you lose precious sleep, maybe it is time for you to change things up by looking up one of these 5 best Dromeo mattress topper picks in 2022, and who knows – maybe one of them will transform the way you sleep!

Our top Dormeo mattress toppers

Dormeo Mattress Topper Queen

Dormeo Mattress Topper Queen

Dormeo Mattress Topper Queen – Relieving Octaspring Technology Mattress Topper – Queen Bed Toppers, Cooling Mattress Topper – 3 inch Mattress Topper Queen – Queen Size Mattress Toppers
Dormeo’s queen bed topper conforms to your body’s natural contour for pressure-relieving, balanced support.
Best Dormeo Mattress Topper Reviews & Buying Guide

Dormeo Premium Mattress Protector

Dormeo Premium Mattress Protector, Queen Mattress Protector, Waterproof Mattress Protector with Cooling Technology, 80” L x 60” W x 18” H
Never worry about accidental spills. Dormeo’s quiet waterproof mattress protector is made of PTFE, a waterproof material that protects your mattress from spills and natural body moisture–yet breathable to allow air circulation.

Dormeo Mattress Topper Reviews

Dormeo Octasmart Plus

Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper

Combining Octaspring® technology and comforting memory foam, transform your sleep with the Octasmart Plus topper.
Using the latest innovation in sleep technologies, Octasmart® mattress toppers are powered by patented multi-award winning Octaspring® aerospace technology. Transform your mattress into the most comfortable and coolest bed of your dreams.

At 7 cm tall, the Dormeo Octasmart Plus is almost the perfect bowler hat.

It’s well made with a machine washable, removable, honeycomb patterned outer shell designed to make you feel more comfortable.

Unlike many other memory foam coverings, this one is actually both comfortable and supportive thanks to award-winning Octaspring Aerospace technology and the 3-dimensional permanent cell structure of the Ecocell foam base.

The cover is also very breathable, motion isolated and very snug, so you can sleep comfortably no matter what your sleeping position is.

  • Supportive & comfortable: Thanks to unique structure, it offers high level of comfort and support.
  • Breathable: OctaVent system ensures high level of breathability all the time.
  • Heavy duty & sturdy: The sturdy construction ensures that it lasts long time.
  • Expensive: The product is expensive, especially when compared to similar products.
Dormeo Octaspring Body Zone

Octaspring Body Zone Mattress Topper, Memory Foam Topper, Firmness Medium, Size Double

Supportive memory foam layer that moulds to your unique body shape for blissful comfort. It remembers its shape, returning to its original form night after night.
Innovative memory foam springs proven to be eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam, move three dimensionally delivering supreme comfort and support.

Dormeo Octaspring Body Zone is another Octaspring technical top.

This one features five Octaspring foam spring zones that provide tailored support and comfort for your entire body. The saltire will feel comfortable and supportive where it’s needed, while allowing your core areas like hips and shoulders to sink in gently. Thanks to the foam Octasprings, this foam top layer is very breathable.

Thanks to all the memory foam, this bedspread is great for motion isolation and decompression, so it’s perfect for couples and single sleepers.

Unlike our previous selection, this 7cm deep saltire does not have a removable cover. However, this one does have a non-slip base so it won’t move around during the night, no matter how restless a sleeper you are.

  • Breathable: Octaspring layer in combination with Airmesh cover ensure great breathability.
  • Affordable: The price is not high, considering that you get high quality product.
  • Non-removable cover: Though high quality, cover is not removable.
Dormeo Octasmart Deluxe

Octasmart Deluxe Mattress Topper

The Dormeo Octasmart Deluxe Mattress Topper combines memory foam with Octaspring® cooling technology to provide a luxurious layer to your existing mattress and transforming your bed into an even smarter and softer sleep experience.
Get the ultimate memory foam topper experience with the Octasmart Deluxe mattress topper. Open cell memory foam top and bottom layer surround a layer of memory foam Octasprings for a more luxurious medium/soft comfort grade.

Dormeo’s Octasmart Deluxe is the big brother of the Octasmart Plus topper we mentioned before.

These two are actually quite similar, both being 7 cm high. The Deluxe model comes with a comfort layer consisting of hundreds of individual Octasprings made of the finest memory foam, located underneath a generous layer of contouring and pressure-reducing memory foam, and on top of Dormeo’s patented 3-dimensional permanent cell construction of Ecocell foam.

In short, this bowler hat is everything you could ask for. It’s comfortable, supportive, breathable, pressure-reducing, motion isolating and more.

  • Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic structure reduces the level of allergy-induced issues.
  • Long lasting & sturdy: The sturdy construction will ensure you use it for a long time.
  • Motion isolating: There won’t be any motion transfer so it is a great pick for couples.
  • No straps: The lack of straps makes it difficult to secure the topper to the mattress.
  • Expensive: Highly expensive when compared to similar toppers.
Dormeo Octaspring Classic

Octaspring Classic Mattress Topper

The Dormeo Octaspring® Classic Mattress Topper will take your existing mattress to the next level. Enjoy all the benefits of an Octaspring mattress at a fraction of the cost.
The perfect introduction to Octaspring® technology, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of an Octaspring® mattress at a fraction of the cost.

This Dormeo Octaspring Classic top is perfect for everyone looking for soft to medium soft comfort and relatively affordable, high quality tops. So, for side and back sleepers.

This one is made entirely of memory foam Octasprings, so it’s guaranteed to provide you with tailored comfort and support, no matter what position you sleep in. With that in mind, this front face may be a little too soft for pillows if placed on a medium-firm or softer mattress.

It’s 7 cm deep, the same as all the other tops on our list, so that’s pretty much the standard depth for memory foam tops. What’s not standard is airflow and breathability, which you’ll get from this, so that’s one thing to keep in mind. Check out our Dormeo Octaspring Classic mattress cover review for more information.

  • Great for side sleepers: Side sleepers will absolutely love it.
  • Motion isolating: You won’t feel any movement in the bed caused by your partner.
  • Pressure relieving: Great pressure relieving. All sleepers with pain issues will enjoy it.
  • Not for stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers will find it too soft probably and therefore not comfortable.
  • Lack of straps: There are no straps to secure it in place and prevent from moving.

Our Experience with the Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo

Thanks to Dormeo’s proprietary Octaspring technology, the Premium Mattress Cover offers all the benefits of traditional memory foam without trapping your body heat. Although it’s the most expensive model of all Dormeo mattress covers, it’s definitely worth every penny thanks to its innovative features. The Premium Mattress Topper is suitable for all sleeping bed types as well as hot sleepers and combination sleepers.

Side sleepers usually prefer to sleep on a soft mattress that supports their hips and shoulders. If you currently sleep on a hard mattress that doesn’t provide enough pressure, the Dormeo Premium Mattress Topper may be a great upgrade to your bed. It provides you with an extra layer of comfort that provides your body with good cushioning and makes your old mattress feel like a brand new one.

On the other hand, the best mattress cover for supine sleepers should fit their body shape and provide enough support for proper spinal alignment. Thanks to its different support zones, the Dormeo mattress cover works well to relieve pressure points in various parts of the body. It provides varying degrees of firmness for your shoulders, back and legs, providing a comfortable and pain-free sleep experience.

Now, for the recumbent sleeper, this topper only fits people who weigh 130 lbs. or less. Sleepers over this weight may risk sinking their hips into the mattress cover and misaligning their spine. If you are a heavier abdominal sleeper, we recommend that you choose a more supportive mattress, such as the Zoey Mattress Mattress.

Most memory foam mattress covers are known to tend to retain body heat, and most thermal pillows are looking for a good alternative that has the same fit as memory foam. Fortunately, the Dormeo memory foam mattress cover is designed to promote airflow through its patented Octaspring technology. It consists of individually placed foam springs that help regulate temperature by allowing more ventilation than traditional memory foam.

If you sleep with a restless partner, this cover is a great choice to reduce motion transfer and help you get uninterrupted sleep. Other foam toppers can sometimes restrict movement, making it difficult to switch from one position to another. But the Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress Topper is so responsive, it does have that choking feeling of being stuck in the mud.

Continuing its construction, the topper consists of two proprietary foam layers that work together to provide additional comfort and zonal support. The top layer of the top is made from Dormeo’s own Recovery Foam™, a unique variation of memory foam that wraps around your body without making you feel overly snagged. Underneath this layer is the Octaspring Technology section, which is made from foam springs of varying densities to provide zoned support and additional air circulation.

These two layers of foam are wrapped in a breathable polyester cover that is anti-allergenic and machine washable. All foams used in the Dormeo Premium Mattress Cover are CertiPUR-US certified, with low VOC levels and zero chemical flame retardants. Although a slight off-gas is emitted during the unboxing process, the new odor of the cover dissipates after 24 hours and expands to its full shape within 6 hours.

Finally, if your current mattress is not providing you with the support and comfort you need, we highly recommend you try a Dormeo mattress cover.


Dormeo is offering a 60-night sleep trial for its Premium Mattress Topper. If you don’t want to keep your new mattress topper, you can initiate a return during this time for a full refund.

The Premium Mattress Topper comes with an 8-year warranty covering structural defects and indentations larger than 1.5 inches. Free shipping within the U.S. Excludes Alaska and Hawaii, both of which require additional fees.


Is Dormeo a good brand?
Dormeo is a great brand that offers a wide range of products, from cheap memory foam models to high-end luxury models. Their products are known to be well made and durable.

How long will Dormeo mattress covers last?
Dormeo mattress covers are estimated to last between 5 and 8 years, depending on the condition of your current mattress and the weight it supports.

How thick is the Dormeo cover?
The Dormeo cover is 3 inches thick.

Is it worth buying a mattress cover?
It is definitely worth adding a mattress cover to a mattress that is too soft or too firm for a good night’s sleep.

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