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Vevor Review

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Deal Score+70
$230 $1,555 Buy On Amazon

About Vevor

Launched in response to the demand for affordable equipment, Vevor entered the market and became one of the top brands in tools, machinery and equipment.

The company sells nearly 30 different categories of products and serves over 200 countries with thousands of loyal repeat customers building their base.

As a result of relaunching their social media accounts, Vevor has just over 1,100 followers on Instagram, with even fewer coming in through their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

The brand also appears in several New York Times listings for affordable and quality products.

This Vevor review goes beyond social media followers and considers products, prices, customer testimonials and more to determine if the brand is worth buying.

Overview of Vevor

Vevor was founded in 2007 and entered the market with the goal of bringing often expensive equipment to market at a more affordable price.

Over the years they have grown to offer products from plumbing to automotive to cooking to forestry, among many other elements.

This brand has a goldmine of products of broad interest and is more than happy to make cost effective versions of those products you have been looking at for years.

Their headquarters are currently located in Shanghai, China, but they have international offices on other continents as well as numerous warehouses. Serving tens of thousands of customers, this brand has become one of the top tool and equipment brands on the market.

While low cost is an obvious advantage for this company, we need to look at the other benefits and concerns that this brand brings.


  • Incredibly expansive product list covering almost 30 different collections of equipment, machinery, and products
  • Thousands of positive Vevor reviews
  • Reasonable prices for typically expensive items
  • Free shipping within the contiguous US
  • International shipping

Keeping in mind the main points, we are moving this Vevor review to the interesting part of the product.

Looking at the huge variety of popular items, we need to remind you that this list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the brand’s inventory. If anything piques interest, check out the brand’s website and you’re sure to find more.

Vevor Review

Vevor is known for its extensive inventory, so we had to narrow our review down to some of our favorite bestsellers. These products have received high ratings online, with hundreds of reviews praising each item.

Vevor Combo T-shirt Heat Press Review

Vevor Combo T-shirt Heat Press

Add custom designs to everyday wear with the Vector Combo T-shirt heat press. Whether you want to personalize a hat or a shirt, this efficient machine will get the job done with ease.
This Vevor heat press is easy to operate, swings 360 degrees and has a rubber grip to keep all hands away from the heated area.

Easily press any design with the digitally controlled temperature display and built-in overload protector. This $230 8-in-1 heat press comes with trays for hats, shirts, cups, plates and custom work to get everything done in a timely manner.

Vevor Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine Review

Vevor Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine

Cool down a warm day with a commercial ice maker. This Vevor ice maker quietly makes all the ice anyone needs at the push of a button.
Designed to make ice in three different thicknesses, this machine is easy to operate and maintain. The built-in cleaning system saves everyone’s time by maintaining sanitary standards on all the components produced by this machine at the push of a button.

Suitable for any bar, restaurant or home, this machine easily connects to a water source and works quietly with its energy efficient compressor to form the perfect cube to add to any drink.

The machine retails for $340.

Vevor Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

Vevor Ultrasonic Cleaner

Keep all your priceless treasures clean with the Vevor Ultrasonic Cleaner. Designed to clean a variety of items – jewelry, coins, eyeglasses, car parts and more – this quick cleaner safely cleans any rusty item in one pass.
Featuring a simple timer and heater gauge display, you can easily adjust the settings to eliminate those favorite buildups. Each cleaner includes a stainless steel basket to keep parts accessible and safely removed throughout the process.

Made with a rust-resistant basin, this ultrasonic cleaner makes the cleaning process quick and easy – once the heat starts, be careful around the water.

This hard-working worker retails for $113.

Vevor Vinyl Cutter Review

Vevor Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine Review

Vevor Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine

Bring the fun and flavor of fresh ice cream home with a commercial soft serve ice cream maker. This Vevor ice cream maker spins out 2-in-1 flavors, allowing you to mix and match for the perfect cone.
Control it all with a simple touch screen display to set, clean, freeze and stop everything this machine must offer. With the cone on the side shelf, ready for the constant craving, the ice cream is always cool and waiting to satisfy that craving.

If soft serve cones aren’t your style, easily adjust the hardness and temperature at the touch of a button to personalize the texture to anyone’s taste.

Add it to your wish list for $1,555.

Vevor Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Review

Vevor Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Add an electric commercial cotton candy machine to any home or business and make every childhood dream come true. It’s a one-stop store for marshmallow comfort at every gathering (or just on Fridays alone, we don’t judge).
Spin and twirl these cones to create childhood favorites in minutes. You can control the temperature with a simple dial that activates with the flick of a switch.

The best part about this product is that it’s easy to transport, as its wheels and handle can be operated on the go, allowing anyone to pick up and head straight to the party.

Make every day your dream with the Vevor Marshmallow Machine for only $210.

Vevor 700W Wind Turbine Generator Review

Vevor 700W Wind Turbine Generator

Get started on green energy with the 700W Wind Turbine Generator. Easy to attach to caravans, campsites and more, this Vevor wind turbine is designed to power the most remote areas.
Made of nylon fiber, these blades are built to withstand the worst winds the weather can throw at them. Easy to set up and operate, everyone can put it together with the simple instructions included with every purchase.

Take the strain off your electric bill and use those natural resources to turn on your lights in an even and green way.

The product also “generates” excitement at a price of $225.

Vevor Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Cart Review

Vevor Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Cart

Keep an eye on any steep move with the Vevor Heavy Duty Stair Climber. The comfortable handle combined with the innovative three wheels are designed to handle every angle you may encounter. Moving after this will be a piece of cake.
This steel cart can carry up to 460 pounds at a time and has been carefully built for sturdy climbing. The triangular shaped wheelset, along with two rear spares, keeps the climbing smooth and steady no matter how much weight is stacked on top.

No need to worry about storage, as this $73 piece easily folds down to a compact, portable size that can fit in a closet or suitcase.

Vevor Laser Engraver Cutting Machine Review

Vevor Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

The future is now. Create the detailed designs you’ve always dreamed of with a laser engraving and cutting machine. This Vevor laser engraver is an improvement on previous models to provide a smoother and more intuitive user experience.
The high precision laser works with CO2 gas to produce fast and detailed work on any material. Compared to previous models, this design incorporates an LCD panel to better display temperature and power, making it easier to monitor the progress of any engraving.

Use a simple USB cable to connect this $400 machine to any computer to take advantage of CorelDraw, software designed to maximize the accuracy of every cut.

Who is Vevor for?

This brand is so expansive that it applies to anyone with money to spend. Whether you are interested in Vevor sausage fillers or the automotive industry side of the listing, this company covers a wide range of interests.

The products tend to be equipment based and can run in a more expensive price range due to the purchase of the machine, so we would say this company tends to be geared towards those who have the budget to spend some money and invest in some high – functionality products.

Comparison: Vevor vs. DEI Equipment

Focusing on tools, machinery and equipment is not unique to Vevor. One of their main competitors, DEI Equipment, joined the market in 2006, offering kitchen and restaurant equipment at affordable prices.

While Vevor covers the same ground, they also extend beyond that product line to a range of tools, machines, equipment and products covering art, automotive, forestry, plumbing and more.

Restaurant and food service equipment is actually only a small part of the available inventory, but Vevor still sells more than 1,600 items in that category.

For both companies’ offerings, DEI breaks their products down into more granular categories to help customers better find what they are looking for.

While both companies offer similar amounts of inventory in this area, it’s definitely easier to navigate through the DEI website to find what you need.

That said, it’s easier to find company information and policies using Vevor. The brand publicly lists their shipping, return and warranty information in a simple manner.

DEI has posted some information, but navigation is awkward and not clearly communicated, not to mention the complete lack of shipping information.

Prices tend to be similar between companies, regardless of the size of the product at hand. Both offer roughly the same price, usually around $50, whether you’re buying dinnerware or a cooler.

Both companies offer large inventories for restaurants, catering and cookware, but if you want to shop in other areas as well, Vevor is the first choice.

With thousands of products on the market, the brand offers free shipping to reduce delivery costs and has received tens of thousands of positive reviews. Any one of these companies can meet your needs, but Vevor seems to have the upper hand in our book.

Is Vevor Worth It?

Based on customer reviews and ratings, this Vevor review can safely recommend this brand as a purchase. The extensive product list combined with the affordable pricing options make it an easy addition to any shopping list.

We will say that some Vevor reviews complain about the return process and customer service, so in this case, it may be safer to order from a third-party site like Amazon that operates through a standard return policy.


Where are Vevor tools made? 

Vevor products are manufactured at its headquarters in Shanghai, China. Warehouses are located throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia to provide customers with fast and reliable delivery dates.

What is Vevor’s Shipping Policy?

If you’ve read this Vevor review and found a product worth considering, we’ve provided some key shipping information to help complete the purchase.

First, all ground shipping within adjoining states is free. Unfortunately, there is no quick option at checkout, but free shipping may be worth the wait.

Depending on location, all shipping from Vevor takes between 1 and 7 business days. Warehouses are located in California, Texas, Kentucky, and New Jersey, with widely distributed shipping points designed for 3-day shipping within adjacent states.

More time is required for remote areas of the United States.

Items are shipped within 24 hours of purchase and tracking numbers are sent as soon as the package leaves the warehouse. Track any order online to prepare space for your new product in accordance with ETA.

Vevor does ship internationally, but additional taxes and fees may apply to each purchase.

What is Vevor’s Return Policy?

New Vevor water distiller not your dream? This company has a 30-day return policy, a promise of a full refund and a simple return process. Here’s how the return process works.

  1. Reach out to customer service with order number, name, and reason for the return
  2. Once the request has been approved, instructions will be sent on how to return the item
  3. Repackage the product in original boxes and use the supplied label – a fee may be applied depending on the reason for the return
  4. Ship off the package and wait for the refund to be sent to the payable account

If the product ordered is too large for standard shipping, Vevor will arrange a pickup time that works for all parties. Just make sure the product is boxed and ready to use upon arrival.

If any product has manufacturing difficulties, please contact customer service to check that the defect is covered. Vevor offers a 12-month warranty on its products, so free repair or replacement may be offered in response.

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